Map: What every state would be if it were a country

The American economy is really big. That’s the takeaway of this fascinating map of the United States from Mark Perry, an economist who runs the Carpe Diem blog at the American Enterprise Institute.

The map, which has been around for a while, has a lot of explanatory power when it comes to America’s position in the global economy. For each state, Perry finds a country that had a roughly similarly sized economy in 2013.

The results are pretty stunning: California, America’s most economically powerful state, has a gross domestic product roughly the size of Brazil. Texas pumps out around the same GDP as Australia. Ohio’s economy is as big as Sweden, while New York’s economy is similar to Spain’s.

The smaller states are interesting, too: Connecticut’s GDP is roughly similar to Greece, while Utah is on par with Bangladesh. Alaska’s GDP is about the same size as the tiny European country of Luxembourg.


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